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Latvian Diaspora Schools 

The First Lady of Latvia Mrs Iveta Vējone agreed to become a patroness of Latvian diaspora schools upon the initiative of the Education Council of the World Federation of Free Latvians (WFFL), by undertaking to encompass the Latvian children, youngsters, and teachers all around the world with care.
“President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis has stressed that cooperation with the diaspora is among his presidential priorities. Thus, commitment of the First Lady of Latvia to take on this responsibility will be invaluable assistance to promotion of the Latvian education abroad,” recognized the WFFL.
It is planned that when participating in the state visits abroad, the First Lady of Latvia Mrs. Iveta Vējone will attend weekend schools of the diaspora in corresponding country, will meet with their representatives, and will participate in discussion of the current issues of the diaspora weekend schools.
The Latvian weekend schools exist abroad for more than 60 years. For many decades, they have been educational and cultural centres for the Latvian community, where the younger generation was provided an opportunity to learn the Latvian language, literature, history, and many other subjects in order to keep the Latvianness alive at the time, when Latvia was under hostile power, and to promote and maintain a link with Latvia now, when one can speak of the Latvian people in the whole world in the modern global context.
There are around 100 Latvian diaspora schools at present, where the total number of students is nearly 2,000 children and youngsters. The number of schools and the number of students are increasing constantly.