Supported projects

Rediscovery of National Treasures

To support young people's efforts to identify and explore national and local treasures, Mrs Iveta Vējone participated in the opening event of youth initiative “Rediscovery of National Treasures”, which took place in the tower of St. Trinity church in Jelgava on January 12, 2016.


Young people from Jelgava City, Jelgava and Ozolnieki districts are the authors of the initiative. Towards the centenary of the State of Latvia, they invited other young people to identify and explore the national and local treasures in order to experience the greatness of its people and to realize the local strength jointly.
“I highly appreciate the idea of project “Rediscovery of National Treasures”. As we approach the centenary of the State of Latvia, any such initiative and project strengthens our sense of patriotism and increase our pride in belonging to our people and country. So that the younger generation would grow confident and educated, we must involve as many children and young people as possible in various projects related to exploration of the Latvian heritage values,” admitted the patroness of the project Iveta Vējone when launching the initiative.
“For me as a teacher, this project seems very important and exciting, because it is a way of empowering students to explore values of our country themselves alongside their knowledge gained through reading and listening to their teachers. This initiative will enable us to appreciate the fact that Latvia is unique in its artistic, natural, and cultural monuments. It will be a great lesson, when students will learn many new things about our national treasures and their uniqueness,” said Iveta Vējone.


She wished success, good luck, and great response from the public to the participants of the project.