The Standard of the President

The Standart of the President is white with the rectangular cross in the colour proportions of the national flag. In the centre of the cross covering the interruption of the colours of the national flag there is the big coat-of-arms of Latvia. The height of the coat-of-arms is 1/3 of the width of the Standart, the centre of the sun depicted on the shield of the coat-of-arms is in the centre of the Standart. The proportion between the width of the national colours and that of the Standart is 1:5. The proportion between the length and width is 3:2.


The Standart of the President of the Republic of Latvia is used:

* Above the building where the President is;
* In the offices of the President;
* On the car or other vehicle that is transporting the President;
* In other instances indicated by the President.


The offices of the President usually have both the Latvian flag and the presidential Standard or flag.  In that case, the Latvian flag is in the place of honour to the right of the President, while the presidential flag or Standard is to the President’s left.

When the President appears at events such as press conferences, both flags are to be used (if the large flags are being used).

When the President is abroad, the Latvian flag is to be flown outside the place where the President is residing.  If he chooses to reside at a Latvian embassy, then both the Latvian flag and the presidential flag or Standard are flown.

If the President is travelling abroad and is accompanied by or greeted by people during official visits, then on the right side of his automobile (from the perspective of the driving direction), a proportionally smaller presidential Standard or flag is to be placed on a special flagpole.

If a foreign official of the relevant level is travelling in a car in Latvia without the presence of Latvia’s top official, then a proportionally smaller Latvian flag is to be placed on the left side of the vehicle, and the proportionally smaller flag of the relevant country is placed on the right side of the vehicle.  The flags must be of the same size.  The placement of the flags also indicates the side in the car where the official sits.  The foreign guest always sits on the right size.  In a cortege of cars, only the main car usually carries the flag.

When high-ranking officials go on private (unofficial) trips in Latvia, the flag is usually not used.

If the President goes on an official trip on a sea or river ship that is registered in Latvia’s shipping register, then the Latvian flag shall be flown onboard.
When the President goes on or returns from official or working visits abroad, the Latvian flag is flown at the airport.

If the President arrives on a state or official visit by plane, the plane can carry the flag.  This applies to the Latvian flag and the flag of the country that is being visited, or the Latvian flag and the presidential Standard, in each case of proportionate size.