Press releases and speeches

Sixteen families from Latvia together with President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis and the First Lady of Latvia Mrs. Iveta Vējone will light up the Christmas tree at the House of Blackheads on December 9.


In order to limit the constantly growing climate change, achieving a comprehensive and binding agreement among all countries of the world is essential. This would enable reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions and would ensure that an increase in global average temperature remained two degrees to the end of this century compared to the pre-industrial era. President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis emphasized that in Paris on Monday, November 30, where he participated in the ongoing Conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21).


On Friday, December 4, President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis will deliver an opening speech at the international conference “Formation of Statehood in the Baltic Region (1917 - 1922)” of the Commission of Historians of Latvia at the House of Blackheads.


“Stability and predictability of taxation system, closer cooperation between the state and entrepreneurs in attracting investments, reducing the burden of bureaucracy, and greater public support in ensuring availability of credit. Those are the most important and urgent issues for regional entrepreneurs,” said President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis in his speech at the 2nd All-Latvia Congress of the Associations of Regional Entrepreneurs on Friday, November 27.


  During the meeting with the Minister of Finance Jānis Reirs, the Chairman of the Saeima Budget and Finance (Taxation) Committee Kārlis Šadurskis, and the Minister of Culture Dace Melbārde on Wednesday, November 25, President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis urged not to change the regulation of value added tax for cultural events. The amendments proposed to the Value Added Tax Act in the package of annual state budget and providing that entrance fees to commercial cultural events - theatre and circus performances and concerts – would be subject to VAT of 21%.


  Europe must not delay in improving the capacity of security services and mutual cooperation, and in strengthening the external borders. Besides, efficient return policy of those asylum seekers, who do not qualify for refugee status, combating against trafficking in people, and reliable registration and safety check-up procedures in transit countries are the conditions not to increase the security risks in the Baltic States and to continue the discussion on movement of asylum seekers. The Presidents of all three Baltic States agreed on that during their meeting in Palanga, Lithuania, on Friday, November 20. All three also expressed their deep condolences to the French people in connection with the terrorist attacks that shuttered Paris on November 13 and they strongly condemned the attacks.


 Good evening, Latvia, good evening, dear compatriots in Latvia and abroad, dear guests,

We celebrate tonight! We celebrate in the glory of our fatherland and freedom! We celebrate the fact that ninety-seven years ago, without fear of power of foreign and hostile army, patriots of Latvia gathered at the National Theatre to make the historic decision led by only one thought – only being free, Latvians would be able to exist. Only being free, we will be able to develop as a nation. Only free people own its own country!

Dear audience of the festive concert! Dear compatriots!

Today, when we celebrate such an important celebration for Latvia, everybody joins the common feeling of pride of our country and of our fellow citizens.

Dear Madam Speaker of Saeima, Dear Madam Prime Minister, Excellencies, Mr. Commander, soldiers, guardsmen, youth guards, police officers, firefighters, and border guards, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, when we celebrate November 18 and remember the day, when the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed, we are called for remaining faithful to the values that our ancestors have bequeathed to us. It is our land, Latvia, our culture, and language.

On November 17, which is internationally marked as the World Prematurity Day, the First Lady of Latvia Mrs Iveta Vējone participated in the event dedicated thereto at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, thanked the physicians of the Neonatal Clinic, and encouraged the mothers and their little babies in the wards.