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In your letter, please state your name, surname, E-mail address and postal address. You are responsible for the content of the letter. If you do not provide your name and addresses, your letter may not be considered. The same may be true if the content of your letter is offensive or cannot be understood. It may also happen if you have received a previous response to a similar letter.

According to Article 2.4 of the law on letters sent to government officials, letters which are not signed with an electronic signature do not relate to the law. Such letters are considered in accordance with procedures determined by the director of the relevant institution and in line with the principles of good governance. If an answer is not provided, or if the answer is incomplete, you may write again to the relevant institution, but you do not have a right to file a lawsuit over the matter.

The Presidential Chancery accepts documents with a secure electronic signature (**). The Presidential Chancery does not offer legal consultations or social aid, and it does not accept complaints about decisions taken by government institutions, law enforcement institutions, and government officials. The Chancery also does not deal with the problems of specific individuals.

In accordance with Section 10.4 of the Official Language Law, the Chancery of the President may accept and examine documents from foreign countries without a translation into the official language of Latvia. If a submission sent from a foreign country is not written in the Latvian language, then the recommended languages are English, Russian, German or French. For practical reasons, the reply may also be written in a language other than the one used in the document submitted to the Chancery of the President.
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