Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

During his presidency (2007-2011), Latvian President Valdis Zatlers sought actively to enhance Latvia’s political and economic competitiveness, to strengthen the rule of law, and to ensure modernisation of the country’s political system.  The economic crisis which Latvia experienced during the President’s term in office meant that his chief duties were to ensure political stability, to promote the country’s international reputation, to engage in a dialogue with members of the public, and to offer ongoing support for the government of Latvia at critical moments.  President Zatlers’ foreign policy activities have strengthened Latvia’s external security and the belief in the country’s economic sustainability.  It has developed Latvia’s export markets, and it has also improved Latvia’s relationship with Russia.  President Zatlers has also sought to increase national self-confidence, emphasised the role of the Latvian language in the consolidation of the country’s society, and promoted a dialogue with representatives of minority nationalities in Latvia.



Legislative activities
Public activities
First Lady Lilita Zatlere
The public activities of First Lady Lilita Zatlere
President Zatlers’ 2010 Annual Report
President Zatlers’ 2009 Annual Report
An address at the University of Latvia on the President’s achievements during his term in office 

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Photo gallery (2010-2011)