Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

Public activities


The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

On June 10, 2009, President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers welcomed representatives of the central organisation of Latvian Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to the Rīga Castle. During the meeting, he agreed to become honorary president and patron of the organisation. Before being approved for the position, the President had to demonstrate that he could tie a flat knot – something which every Boy Scout and Girl Scout must know how to do.
During the meeting, President Zatlers said that this was the third time that he had met with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, adding that he was pleased that as patron of the organisation, he would henceforth have an opportunity to meet the young people more often. The President called on the scouting movement to work on cleaning up Latvia, because one of their basic goals is to do a good deed every day. At the conclusion of the event, the President awarded prizes to 10 of Latvia’s best Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
On October 29, 2010, Latvian President Valdis Zatlers visited, for the first time, a Boy Scout and Girl Scout camp.  He met with participants and joined them at a campfire to talk about the ability of each individual to be useful and loyal to Latvia, also considering things which link people to their fatherland and allow them to be proud of it.  The President said that everyone, including Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, must study hard and improve themselves, developing such characteristics as helpfulness, friendliness, responsiveness and courage.  He added that it is also useful for young people to learn about the environment, about outdoor life, and about the various traditions of the local population.
The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of the world come together on a voluntary basis in an organisation which helps children to gain a better understanding of responsibilities and processes in an organisation. There are 730 Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts in Latvia’s organisation – 26 troops of Boy Scouts and 22 of Girl Scouts. The movement tries to encourage patriotism among youngsters in their families, villages, cities and country. One of the best known patrons of the scouting movement in the world is Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav, while the patroness of the world’s Girl Scouts is Danish Crown Princess Mary.