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The “Green Spoon” mark of quality

The “Green Teaspoon” mark is given to products in Latvia which are of a high level of quality. The Green Teaspoon was established in 2001 so that people could recognise agricultural products from Latvia, to enhance the sale of such products, and to popularise Latvian food in the domestic market and in foreign markets. The Green Teaspoon was designed by Ingūna Gulbe, and the brand name is owned by the Marketing Council, which is a public organisation. Former President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga became patroness of the Green Teaspoon movement in 2004, and President Zatlers took over the job when he replaced her.

The President has stated his support for the patriotic Green Teaspoon movement, and he served as a patron for a 2008 campaign that was called “The Green Teaspoon Brings Us Together in Quality!” He signed two of the stickers – one for the winner of the “Finding the Most Stylish Sticker” competition for schoolchildren, and the other for the Green Teaspoon plaque of honour, which can be seen at the Forum Cinemas theatre. Other well known people also signed that second sticker. In April 2008, President Zatlers’ speech was published in the book “Growing Green in Latvia.”


On October 5, 2009, the President was present to congratulate the winners of a competition to find the most popular and beloved Green Teaspoon product. The most votes were collected by SIA Mārupes siltumnīcas, which received praise for the cucumbers that it grows. SIA Lāči received this award in 2010 from the President for its "real rye bread" product.
On December 23, 2009, at the Rīga Castle, President Zatlers met with representatives of the Marketing Council and of companies which use the “Quality Latvian Product” slogan to talk about the achievements of the project and to engage in an old Latvian Winter Solstice tradition – melting lead and then pouring it into cold water to create shapes which are supposed to suggest one’s fortune for the next year. The President created a shape for Latvia, and all who were present for the event agreed that it resembled the wings of an angel. There were also lots of little bits of hardened lead in the water, which traditionally means that the relevant person will receive lots of money. “It means that Latvia will have a lot of money,” declared the President.
Green Teaspoon companies want to support strong Latvian families, and in 2008 and 2009 they presented Christmas cakes and gifts to families which visited President and First Lady Zatlere at the Rīga Castle during the Christmas season.
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