Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

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The “What’s Happening” competition

Emphasising the importance of an educated society in terms of the country’s future growth, President Zatlers supports an annual competition that is organised for 9th-graders by the newspaper Diena, “What’s Happening?” Winners of the competition are invited to visit the President at the Rīga Castle. At the most recent ceremony for winners, the President had this to say: “A true civil society is one in which each citizen is active, taking part in his or her country’s public and political life. I must say that the civil society can only be based on people who are interested in knowledge and are well-informed. That is the essence of this competition – knowing what’s happening in Latvia and the world.”

The President went on to say: “If we want to be successful as citizens and as a country, then we must be well-informed. Only then will you be able to take an active part in public life and ensure that your country is a better place to live. You’re in the 9th grade, which means that in just a few years’ time, you’ll be voting in elections. You will have an effect on political processes and the way in which our country develops. This competition helped you to learn the knowledge that will allow you to make a balanced choice. Today I am not just congratulating you, the winners of the competition, but also your teachers and parents, who led you toward this victory. Please be aware that it is you who will shape Latvia’s future, and so please keep on being as active in the future as you are now. Don’t become passive observers of processes and complainers. Take part in processes. You have every opportunity, and that is a fact that is enshrined in our basic law, our Constitution. Each citizen can take part and be the owner of his or her land.”


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