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Youngsters’ Songs for Latvia

On February 27, the LNT television company and the BTA insurance company launched a new song competition, “Youngsters’ Songs for Latvia.”  Over the course of 11 Sunday evenings, the competition will fill Latvian homes and hearts with the brilliant voices of young performers, proving once again that despite all obstacles, children are and will continue to be our blessing and our future.

Among the participants in this huge project are nine talented children from Latvia who want to sing.  They were chosen from amongst many applicants in Latvia, and as the best of the best, they will get up on stage in Rīga each week to sing together, offer colourful performances with their families and with popular musicians, and also offer surprises to thousands of audience members in Latvia.

President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers has agreed to be godfather to the “Youngsters’ Songs for Latvia” competition, and he has expressed his support for it, adding that he hopes that the contest will be a big success, because strong and large families are the foundation of Latvia.  The President feels that such families raise talented, self-confident and patriotic children, while adults gain strength and support when everyone joins together in celebrating holidays and keeping the people’s cultural heritage alive.  Singing children are a matter of great pride for Latvia, the President says, thanking parents who have taught their kids to love songs and Latvia’s traditions.

The emphasis in this project will be on Latvia’s future – children and their parents, without whose great love and investment of time, the wonderful little talents would never have developed.  Families and dynasties keep and nurture our traditions, so it is essentially important to honour strong and active families together with their youngest generation, thus strengthening and expanding the self-esteem of all of Latvia’s society.  Let’s be proud and delighted together with Latvia’s children, who can fill our everyday lives with such sparkling emotions!