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The 20th Anniversary of May 4

May 4, 1990, was the most important turning point in the restoration of Latvia’s independent statehood.  On that date, members of the Soviet Latvian Supreme Council met to approve a declaration on the restoration of independence. This was the start of the process of actual recovering fully independent statehood.  Lots of people invested their hearts and their ideas in this process by joining the Latvian People’s Front, attending demonstrations, shaping public opinion in Latvia’s regions, and voting for People’s Front representatives in local government elections on December 10, 1989, and Supreme Council elections on March 18, 1990.

President Valdis Zatlers wants May 4 to be a celebration for Latvia’s multi-ethnic society, because the idea of independence is a value which representatives of all diasporas in Latvia supported 20 years ago.  The President has said that as the 20th anniversary of the event approaches, it is of key importance to thank those people who took an active stand in support of Latvia’s independence.  It is equally important, he added, to understand that the restoration of Latvia has not been finished.  This is endless work which must be continued.

The President is chairing the honorary organising committee for the celebration that is to be held on the 20th anniversary of the declaration.  The committee is overseeing preparations so as to ensure that there are events which bring history back to life and are interesting and patriotic in Rīga and Latvia’s regions.  These are also to be broadcast live on Latvian Television.
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