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The 150th Birthday of Jānis Čakste

Because of his belief that history is the foundation of the present and an important component of the future, President Zatlers supported a series of events aimed at commemorating the first president of the Republic of Latvia, Jānis Čakste, on and around the 150th anniversary of his birth in 2009. 
On September 14, the President attended a conference that was titled “Justice Will Always Win,” which was organised at the University of Latvia.  In his address, the President said that “the things which Čakste said about tireless work on behalf of the Latvian state and about the unanimity of that state – these remain very important today.  We are in an age when many people in Latvia are waiting for advice, and the time has come to listen to information about Čakste as the leader of a democratic country.”

At a memorial event at the monument to Čakste in the Second Forest Cemetery, the President had this to say:  “During the bitter years of the occupation, the Čakste monument was a place where people could draw strength, understand that the Latvian state was alive, and know that by bearing Latvia in their hearts and minds, they would ensure its resurrection in future.  We will come here 50 and 100 years from now, because this was our genesis.”