Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

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The ability of all children in Latvia to develop their abilities is a subject that is very close to Mrs Lilita Zatlere. On every regional visit, she visits social centres, crisis centres, schools for children with special needs, or schools with integrative educational programmes. She believes that the main thing is to inspire children so that they are encouraged to develop their skills and abilities without focusing on problems or limitations.
Each year the “Come Alongside” project receives the warmth and support of President and First Lady Zatlere. The aim is to allow talented children and adolescents with special needs to express themselves through music, dance, the performing arts, or the applied arts. The President and the First Lady visit schools that are involved in the project, and each year they are guests at the concluding concert. In 2009, the First Couple wrote their wishes on the wings of an angel on a Christmas tree in Kronvalds Park. In January 2010, the President and First Lady invited the best artists from the “Come Alongside” exhibition of children’s artwork to visit them at the Rīga Castle.
Emphasising the role of families and the education of children, First Lady Zatlere visited the Iļģuciems women’s prison to wish a happy International Children’s Day to children who live at the prison with their mothers. She also organised a surprise for the children – a performance by the Rīga Puppet Theatre. On August 4, 2009, employees from the prison visited the Rīga Castle to meet with the President and the First Lady.
In order to promote national values and the self-understanding of Latvians, First Lady Zatlere attended the first Russian Latvian Song Festival in Bashkortostan in the Archangelsk District from June 20-22. Together with local residents, she launched the Summer Solstice Celebration together with Latvians from all over Russia.


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