Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

The public activities of First Lady


The “Pīlādzītis” kindergarten

A new kindergarten, “Pīlādzītis,” was opened in the town of Smiltene in June 2008. President and Mrs Lilita Zatlere attended the opening ceremony as part of the International Children’s Day. Since that day, the First Lady has been the patroness of the kindergarten, although the children known her as their kindergarten’s godmother. A mountain-ash tree that was planted at the opening of the new kindergarten is carefully tended by the children. 
In February of this year, the children sent colourful birthday cards to their “godmother” at the Rīga Castle, and Mrs Zatlere is always pleased to send her best wishes to residents of Smiltene both young and old.
Smiltene was the first small town in Latvia to build a new kindergarten with its own resources, including a loan from the National Treasury. The kindergarten has a special aura and currently hosts 14 groups with 260 children in all.

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