Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

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Concerts in honour of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Chopin

In 2010, the world is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Polish composer Frederic Chopin. The Hermanis Brauns Fund is producing a series of concerts, “Chopin 200,” which will bring distinguished pianists to Rīga who have all had things to say about Chopin and his work. Mrs Lilita Zatlere has agreed to serve as patroness for the anniversary concerts.
On April 22, 2009, Mrs Zatlere attended a concert to launch the jubilee year at the Great Guild, where the distinguished pianist Muza Rubackyte performed. “Many beautiful words have been spoken about Chopin and his music,” the First Lady declared. “I would like you, therefore, to think about Chopin the man. The musician was a very loving person, a true patriot of his fatherland. His colourful music includes elements of Polish folk music, and it was composed from the heart. I hope that when people listen to Chopin’s work, they will hear the music of a man who loved his country and declared that love in his compositions.”
Fans of Chopin’s music will hear the talented composer’s work throughout 2010. One of the greatest hopes for the festival is to bring a replica of one of Chopin’s pianos to Rīga so that people can hear his work on the piano of the day. That’s because contemporary pianos have a different sound.