Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

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The “Looking for the Beloved Nurse” project


In order to focus attention on the work of paediatric nurses in Latvia, increase the prestige of the profession, and remind everyone that care for patients and their recovery is so very much dependent on nurses, First Lady Zatlers in 2009 became patroness of the “Looking for Our Beloved Nurse” project. The Rietumu Banka Charity Fund and the newspaper Diena have organised and sponsored the project for the last two years.
“I’m sure that there are lots of beloved nurses in Latvia,” says the First Lady. “We can recognise them by the warmth in their eyes and their heartfelt attitude. The praise of children is the best evaluation of the important and by no means easy work of nurses. Mrs Zatlers has met with medical staff and young patients at hospitals in Jelgava, Preiļi and Valmiera. At the conclusion of the project, she met at the Rīga Castle with the most beloved nurses from 28 hospitals in Latvia.