Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

The public activities of First Lady

Supported projects

The “Angel of the Castle” charity project

The “Angel of the Castle” project was organised during the Christmas season in 2008 It was initiated by the “Castle Bird” salon of the Jelgava City Pharmacy company with the support of the Jelgava local government and the Latvian Agricultural University. The aim of the project was to support and popularise charity, calling on everyone to think about how they can help others by being alongside them with light thoughts, a sincere smile, nice words, and good deeds.
Mrs Lilita Zatlere became involved in the project late in 2008, helping to make happier the children who were at the Jelgava City Hospital during Christmas. During two months, schools, preschools, residents and guests in Jelgava collected more than 1,700 homemade figurines of angels. President and First Lady Zatlere presented them to the small patients of the hospital’s Paediatric Division.
“Christmas is a time when angels alight on the Earth, because they know that during the dark days of winter, they must come to people to offer their kindness,” explains the First Lady. “Angels are messengers of love, and they visit us to let us know that there is always someone who loves us.”