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The “Latvian State Honours” exhibition

In 2004, the Latvian State Heraldry Inspectorate and the Presidential Chancery of Latvia established an exhibition of Latvian state honours and awards, the aim being to provide information about Latvia’s history and the honours granted therein. The exhibition features Latvia’s highest state honours – the Order of Tree Stars, the Order of Viesturs, the Cross of Recognition, the memorial pin for participants in the 1991 barricades, etc. Each of these speaks to an important event in Latvian history, also symbolising our nation’s history, ethnographic symbols, and spiritual values.
In 2008, Mrs Lilita Zatlere became patroness of the exhibition so as to support the development of the Latvian people’s statehood, the study of history, and the nurturing of national values. 
With her help, the exhibition was presented in 2008 and 2009 in various cities -- Ventspils, Daugavpils, Aizpute, Cesvaine, Jēkabpils, Balvi and Rīga, as well as the Strazdmuiža Boarding School, the No. 45 High School, the “Rīdze” Elementary School, and other schools in the Latvian capital city and the country’s regions. The exhibition also travelled to Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. The exhibition attracted a great response, encouraging people to study important phases of history. Thus the event became a non-traditional history lesson. When people from various regions saw the honours that they were on display, they sometimes decided to nominate individuals for state honours who had done work to deserve them.
In 2010, President Valdis Zatlers and First Lady Lilita Zatlere opened an exhibition at the National Museum of History, which is called “State Honours in the Republic of Latvia Since the Restoration of Independence.” The exhibition has been prepared in honour of the 92nd anniversary of Latvia’s independence.


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