Valdis Zatlers

Valdis Zatlers

Annual Report 2009

The activities of President Valdis Zatlers in 2009 in numbers

National honours




Proclaimed laws
Requests for secondary review of laws
Laws submitted to Parliament for secondary review
Legislative initiatives

Petitions before the Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of laws



Judges appointed


Meetings with representatives of NGOs


Places visited in Latvia


Visits to general and professional schools

          (Minority and bilingual schools)

Taught lessons by the President at schools


Visits to Latvian companies


Interviews with the local and international media


Foreign policy:

Accredited foreign Ambassadors to Latvia
Accreditation letters issued to Latvia’s Ambassadors to other countries
Visits abroad
          (State visits)
Visits to Latvia by other officials
           (State visits)

Officer ranks presented by the President


Requests for clemency:

Requests for clemency
Clemency cases prepared in accordance with the Law on Clemency
Clemency cases reviewed by the President
Clemency cases approved by the President


Letters addressed to the President
Greetings addressed to the President