Chancery of the President of Latvia

Pils laukums 3, Riga, LV - 1900, Latvia
Phone: + 371 67 092 106
e-mail: info[at]


Working Hours 08.30-17.00

Attachments to the e-mails written to the Chancery of the President of Latvia are accepted in the following formats:  DOC for texts, XLS (MSOffice 2003 or an older version) for electronic tables, PDF as a portable document format, TXT for unformatted text, RTF or SGML (XML) for formatted text, JPEG, TIFF  or PNG for graphic information, and CGM for vector graphics.     


Head of the Chancery

Arnis Salnājs

Phone: 67092106

e-mail: arnis.salnajs[at]



Deputy Head of the Chancery

Egita Kazeka

Phone: 67092104

e-mail: egita.kazeka[at] 

Foreign Affairs Adviser to the President

Maija Manika

Phone: 67092194

e-mail: maija.manika[at]



National Security Adviser to the President and

Secretary to the National Security Council Jānis Kažociņš

Phone: 67092107

e-mail: janis.kazocins[at]



Legal Adviser to the President
Kristīne Jaunzeme
Phone: (+371) 67092111
e-mail: kristine.jaunzeme[at]
Economic Affairs Adviser to the President
Andis Jēkabsons
Phone: (+371) 67092128
e-mail: andis.jekabsons[at]
Adviser for Constitutional Affairs to the President
Jānis Pleps
Phone: (+371) 67092106
e-mail: janis.pleps[at]
Press Adviser to the President
Jānis Siksnis
Phone: (+371)67092123, (+371)29114930
e-mail: janis.siksnis[at]



Head of the Secretariate

Laila Rutks

Phone: 67092101

e-mail: laila.rutks[at]



Head of the President's Protocol

Renārs Vilde

Phone: 67092171

e-mail: renars.vilde[at]



Head of the Clemency Board
Elena Lodočkina

Phone: 67092118

e-mail: elena.lodockina[at]



Press Office

Phone: 67092122, 67092164




Private Secretary of the Ex-President Guntis Ulmanis
Eva Eihmane

Phone: 67092112

e-mail: eva.eihmane[at]



Private Secretary of the Ex-President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga
Daina Lasmane

Phone: 67092191

e-mail: daina.lasmane[at]

Home page of Ex-President Vaira Vike-Freiberga:



Private Secretary of the Ex-President Valdis Zatlers 
Zane Jurjāne 

Phone: 67092112

e-mail: zane.jurjane[at]


Private Secretary of the Ex-President Andris Bērziņš 
Daina Bāra

Phone: 67092186

e-mail: daina.bara[at]