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Military Council

The Military Council was established by the Law on National Security of Latvia. Presently the Council concentrates on the development of the Latvian Armed Forces and integration into NATO.

The Council keeps the President of Latvia informed on defence issues. The Council also discusses the topics considered in the agenda of the National Security Council in detail.

The Military Council is composed of:

  • The President of Latvia as the Chair of the Military Council,
  • The Commander of the NAF,
  • The State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence,
  • National Security Adviser to the President of Latvia/ Secretary to the National Security Council,
  • Military Representative of the NAF to the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization and to the European Union,
  • Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Defence in Military Capacity Development Affairs,
  • Commander and Deputy Commanders of the Joint Headquarters of the NAF,
  • Commander of the National Guard of Latvia.

On 29 May 2002, the President of Latvia chaired the first meeting of the Military Council, which adopted the Regulation of the Council, whereas the renewed Regulation of the Military Council was adopted on 23 July 2010.