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Minorities Advisory Council

The Minorities Advisory Council shall promote a dialogue in the field of minority interests among policymakers, executive power, and the public; inform the President of Latvia about latest developments and problems in the life of minorities, the functioning of their non-governmental organisations and educational establishments.

At the President’s request, the Council also offers its opinion on vital minority issues, evaluates and expresses views about the fundamental principles of cultural and national autonomy for minorities, as stated in the relevant normative acts, and considers proposals from individuals, NGOs, and government institutions in the area of minority issues.

The Council will also prepare proposals on how to develop the cultural autonomy of minority nations, how to integrate minorities into the Latvian society, and how to ensure public links to the public, the media, and all other parties involved in the relevant processes.

Re-establishment of the Council

In 2015, President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis reinstated the work of the Minorities Advisory Council aimed at promoting dialogue on the ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious identities of national minorities, as well as to provide support for the ability of minorities to take part in processes of socio-political participation.


Chair of the Minorities Council

Romans Alijevs – Chair of the Latvian Centre of Azerbaijani Culture, Principal of the Riga Classical Grammar School.

The President of Latvia meets with the members of the Minorities Advisory Council. Photo: Chancery of the President of Latvia.

Members of the Minorities Advisory Council

Aldona Treija – Principal of the Riga Lithuanian Secondary School, representative of the Latvian Association of Lithuanians,

Aleksandrs Mirlins – Media Expert, the University of Latvia,

Anna Ivane – representative of the Latvian Association of Belarusians, Principal of Riga Belarusian Primary School named after Yanka Kupala,

Biomins Kajems – Deputy Chair of the Latvian Council of Jewish Congregations and Communities,

Deniss Hanovs – Professor of Riga Stradiņš University,

Ieva Ernštreite – Chair of Liv Association,

Igors Gubenko – Lecturer at the University of Latvia, Editor of web magazine editor,

Ilze Garda – Board Member of the Latvian Association of Germans, Chair of Riga Association of German Culture,

Jeļena Matjakubova – Chair of the Latvian Association of Russian Culture,

Klāvs Sedlenieks – Social Anthropologist, Lecturer at Riga Stradiņš University,

Lidija Kravčenko – representative of the Latvian Association of Ukrainians, Principal of Riga Ukrainian Secondary School,

Normunds Rudēvičs – Vice-President of the International Roma Association,

Nugzars Mdzinarišvili – Chair of the Latvian Association of Georgians Samshoblo,

Rafi Haradžanjans – Chair of the Latvian Association of National Cultural Societies,

Rišards Stankevičs – Chair of the Latvian Polish Association,

Tomass Kalda – Chair of the Latvian Association of Estonians,

Zufars Zainulins – Chair of the Latvian Association of Tatars and Bashkirs “Chisma”, Chair of the Latvian Association of Muslim Congregations.