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The Big Cleanup

“Cleaning up greatly influences the way we see and feel our place of residence. A person, who has cleaned or arranged a place himself or herself, will also try to maintain it attractive further on as well. That is why the cleanup should also be a tradition promoted in the future by adding a more responsible attitude towards the environment of Latvia,” stressed President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis during his meeting with organisers and supporters of the Big Cleanup on 10 November 2015. He noted that he supported the idea of the Big Cleanup from the very beginning thereof. Thus he was particularly pleased to become a patron of that project.

Environmental Quality Mark “Green Certificate”

Having confirmed his support for eco-friendly and sustainable management in the Latvian countryside, President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis has become the patron of the environmental quality mark for rural tourism establishments “Green Certificate”. This mark is awarded to those farms, which comply with the principles of “green” farming by sparing resources, creating a tourism offer that is eco-friendly and local community-friendly.

The President of Latvia presented the Green Certificate to 14 rural tourism establishments at annual conference “Strength of Rural Tourism: Collaboration among Entrepreneurs, Local Governments, and Local Communities” on 30 October 2015.

Climate change in Latvia

Expressing his support for an eco-friendly lifestyle, President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis has undertaken patronage of the project “Climate change in Latvia: challenge and opportunities?” led by association “homo ecos:”. The project brings together like-minded people, who find balanced development corresponding to the needs of humankind and the planet very important.

“Everybody is obliged to take care of the environment where we live in. I consider that participation in this project is a great opportunity for everybody to show that we care about climate change and are ready to act to tackle them. I have always stood for eco-friendly lifestyle and management, so I encourage everyone to protect natural resources, save electricity, and sort waste,” said the President of Latvia.

Nature Concert Hall

During the 10th anniversary of the Nature Concert Hall at the end of 2015, Raimonds Vējonis became the patron of this educational multimedia project.

“Nature Concert Hall is a unique opportunity to show the beauty of our nature and what is next to us in our everyday life. It allows us to get to know what is sometimes invisible but is very significant in nature. That correlates with our lives as well, because we most often notice those persons, who have achieved the best results, but we do not always emphasise and sufficiently appreciate achievements by many fellow human beings of the same importance,” said the President of Latvia.