Egils Levits

Like the rest of the Western world, Latvia strongly condemns Russian aggression and wide-ranging military attack on Ukraine ordered by President Putin in breach of international law. It should be considered the next phase of military aggression launched by Russia against Ukraine in 2014. Russia has violated international law and undermined the rules-based international order. Russia cannot win this war. The will of Ukrainian people to stand up for their freedom will eventually prevail. It is our duty to offer Ukraine all possible support, including weapons needed to fully defend itself against the aggressor. We need the harshest possible sanctions to punish Russia and send it into isolation. Latvia stands ready to provide all necessary humanitarian support to Ukraine.

Tomorrow, on 25 February, I will travel to Warsaw where B9, or NATO Eastern Flank, summit will be held. I will also attend the emergency meeting of NATO leaders. Latvia relies on NATO solidarity and NATO can count on us. Article 5 is sacrosanct.

Let us send our good thoughts and help to Ukraine in this dark hour!

I would also like to thank all Latvians for the enormous moral support, donations and protests in support of Ukraine. Thank you for standing up for Ukrainian people and their right to live in free and independent Ukraine.