Mrs Iveta Vējone

Mrs Iveta Vējone, spouse of President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis, was born on 4 July 1966. Iveta Vējone gradated Madona Secondary School No. 1, and she studied at Liepaja Pedagogical Institute in the specialty of primary school teacher. After graduation of the Institute, she worked as a primary school teacher in Madona Secondary School No. 1.

During presidency of her husband, Iveta Vējone has set priorities of her support to be projects in the area of education and social support, support for children, including children with special needs and left without parental care.

“I have mastered occupation of teacher, so the projects I support will be connected with children. Children are my priority,” said Mrs Iveta Vējone.

Teacher’s Work

Mrs Iveta Vējone gained awareness of her educator’s talent and special connection with children already while studying at secondary school, where she conveyed lessons to her classmates as an undergraduate on the Teachers' days.

“Usually I worked with the youngest children in the first to the fourth year,” remembers I.Vējone. Thus, choice in favour of the occupation of primary school teacher seemed logical.

Regarding teacher’s work I.Vējone says, “Teachers must learn for all their life. One may not be limited by graduation of a university, as teaching methods are constantly evolving. If you wish to be a good teacher, you must be able to captivate students.”

Later, when moving to Ogre together with her family, the First Lady of Latvia Mrs Iveta Vējone was actively engaged in environmental protection. She worked on the projects associated with consolidation of the river Daugava banks, waste management, and other environmental issues.

Iveta Vējone especially appreciated the idea of SOS villages for children. In these villages, children feel at home and get to know real family life.

“Children do everything like at home in SOS Villages for Children, because a mother raises them, they help cooking and cleaning the house,” says Mrs Iveta Vējone.

When accompanying the President of Latvia to regional visits, the First Lady of Latvia Iveta Vējone schedules visits to a local kindergarten, a school, or a social care centre, when she gets acquainted with operation and major challenges of those authorities.

“Visiting different places throughout Latvia, you feel people’s attitudes. I cannot provide financial assistance, but I can support with my advice and involvement,” said the First Lady of Latvia.

Family and Hobbies

Mrs Iveta and Mr. Raimonds Vējonis met during school years, when they went to the same class. Mrs Iveta and Mr. Raimonds Vējonis married in 1986, and they have raised two sons.

Mrs Iveta Vējone enjoys gardening and takes care of her parents’ flower garden in Kegums in leisure time. Mrs. Iveta Vējone likes ballroom dancing and reading books - especially biographies of celebrities, crime novels, and travel guides.