The Chapter of Orders is responsible for all matters related to state decorations in Latvia. The Chapter considers proposals on the awarding of state decorations, as well as other issues related to same. The Chapter of Orders takes decisions on granting or withdrawing state decorations. Its decisions are signed by the President of Latvia. 

Information about the awarding and withdrawing of state decorations are published at no charge in the newspaper Latvijas Vēstnesis.

Meetings of the Chapter of Orders

Meetings of the Chapter of Orders are convened by the Chancellor. A quorum is present for a meeting if the President of Latvia or Chancellor is present along with at least four other members of the Chapter. The Speaker of the Saeima and the Prime Minister may be present at meetings of the Chapter of Orders. 

Капитул орденов

Meetings are chaired by the Chancellor. A decision is taken if the majority of members present have voted in favour of it. Voting rights at the meeting rest with the President of Latvia, the Chancellor and the members of the Chapter. Where the vote splits evenly, the decisive vote is cast by the President of Latvia. If voting takes place in the absence of the President of Latvia, the vote divides equally, the decisive vote is thrown by the Chancellor of the Chapter of Orders. Votes are taken openly unless a member of the Chapter asks for a secret ballot.

The Chapter of Orders meets behind closed doors, and the content of debates at the meetings is never disclosed.

Withdrawing state decorations

The Chapter of Orders withdraws state decorations from an individual who has been convicted of a voluntary crime; has committed a shameful deed that was not known to the Chapter of Orders as such time as the decision to award state decorations was taken and that is not compatible with the status of one who has state decorations; has refused the honours after their presentation and returned them, with all relevant documentation, to the Chapter of Orders; has, prior to the awarding of honours, submitted a written statement of refusal of the honours to the Chapter of Orders. When a situation referred to in first two conditions occurs, the National Police are asked to confiscate the relevant Order, emblem of recognition, all relevant documents and miniature versions of the Order or emblem.

Providing Operation of the Chapter of Orders

The Chapter of Orders may ask state and local government institutions, as well as other legal entities, for information, at no cost to the Chapter, about persons who have been recommended for state decorations.

The Chancery of the President of Latvia is responsible for the everyday operations of the Chapter of Orders. The Chancery is accountable for designing, preparing the orders, emblems of recognition, diplomas, certificates, and statutes of state decorations, as well as for the ceremonies at which state decorations are conferred upon their recipients.

The Chapter of Orders summons consultants as necessary in its work. 

Composition of the Chapter of Orders

Members of the Chapter of Orders come from different sectors and professions. They are not paid for their work.

The Chancellor of the Chapter of Orders is always someone who has received at least one of the state decorations. Among the other six members, two must have the Order of the Three Stars, two must have the Order of Viesturs, and two must have the Cross of Recognition. The Chancellor and members of the Chapter of Orders are appointed by the President of Latvia upon his presidency term. The President of Latvia can release the Chancellor and a member of the Chapter of Orders from his or her duties before the term stipulated under Section 42 of this Law upon his own initiative or a personal petition of a respective member of the Chapter.

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Ms Maira Sudrabiņa
Secretary of the Chapter of Orders
Phone number: + 371 67092125