Riga Castle media rules

Accredited media are welcome to attend press events hosted by President of Latvia and Presidential Chancery in the Riga Castle. There are two types of press passes: permanent and temporary.

Media representatives in the Riga Castle

Holders of permanent press pass have access to various official events held by the President of Latvia or Presidential Chancery.  Holders of permanent press pass are not required to notify Presidential Chancery of their participation in public/media events (events indicated in the public schedule of the President of Latvia on www.president.lv). You can apply for permanent accreditation once a year, i.e., at the end of the year when the next year’s accreditation is announced.

Temporary press pass gives media access to a specific event at the Riga Castle, such as public ceremony or an interview. For temporary press card, please contact Media Centre of the Presidential Chancery by phone: +371 67092157, or e-mail: prese@president.lv. You are required to provide your full name, ID number, name of media and indicate the event.


Media Centre is a section of the Presidential Chancery responsible for public communication between President of Latvia, Presidential Chancery and media. It also manages public relations. Please reach out to  Media Centre if:

  • you want to arrange a comment/media interview with President of Latvia or Presidential Chancery
  • you have questions about Riga Castle media rules
  • you have questions about quoting www.president.lv
  • you have questions about copyrighted images and videos posted on President’s Flickr and YouTube
  • you have other questions concerning President’s and Chancery’s communication, publicity or media coverage

Media Center of the Chancery of the President of Latvia
Phone: +371 67092157
Email: prese@president.lv