Rīgas pils

Riga Castle is one of Latvia's greatest medieval castles. Its foundation stone was laid on 15 June 1330. The castle is an important part of Latvia's historical and cultural heritage – an architectural monument of national importance. Riga Castle has been the residence of the President of Latvia since 1922 when the institution of the President of Latvia was founded.

To apply for an individual tour (including groups of no more than 9 people; each person must be registered separately) in Riga Castle, please fill in the APPLICATION FORM.

Group tours (10–30 people) will be open again from 1 July. 

Please follow the information on the website of the Chancery of the President of Latvia.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at ekskursija@president.lv.

How can I be sure that the date and time I have chosen for my individual visit to Riga Castle is confirmed?

After completing and submitting the application form, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. If you do not receive such an email, please check the ‘spam’ section of your email. If you do not find the email there, please fill in the application form again and make sure that the information you have entered (especially your email address) is correct.

How can I cancel an individual visit to Riga Castle? What if I have provided inaccurate information when filling in the application form?

If you want to cancel an individual visit to Riga Castle or if there are other technical problems with the submission of your application, please contact us at apmekle@president.lv.

If I want to visit Riga Castle in a group of three, do I need to book a group tour?

Group tours are suitable for groups of 10 to 30 people. If the number of visitors is smaller, you are welcome to apply for an individual visit to Riga Castle by filling out an application form for each visitor.

What is the response time for a group tour booked at Riga Castle?

The staff of the Chancery of the President of Latvia will contact each group tour applicant on a first-come, first-served basis as soon as possible. Due to the high demand, no new group applications are being accepted at this time. Applications will be open from May 2, 2024. Please follow the information on the website of the Chancery of the President of Latvia.

When can I visit Riga Castle?

Riga Castle is open for individual visits on certain dates and times, which are announced in advance on the website of the Chancery of the President of Latvia. For group tours, the time of the visit is selected individually, taking into account the President's schedule and the occupancy of the Riga Castle premises.

Riga Castle is closed for individual visits and group tours on weekends and public holidays.

What if I cannot come to the Riga Castle visit due to unforeseen circumstances? Can another family member/friend come in my place?

You can visit the Riga Castle only by prior arrangement (filling in the application form). Another person cannot visit the Riga Castle at the time you have booked.

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your individual visit by contacting apmekle@president.lv, to ensure that others can visit Riga Castle.

Do children need to present an ID when visiting Riga Castle?

Yes, children are required to show an identity document (passport or ID card; students under 15 years of age – student ID card). We encourage you to assess children's interests and recommend children from 10 years of age to be included in the excursion groups.

Will I be able to meet the President of Latvia during my visit to Riga Castle?  

Individual and group excursions to the Riga Castle are planned to ensure that they do not interfere with the President's agenda. Therefore, we cannot guarantee such a meeting.

How much does it cost to visit the Riga Castle?

Visiting the Riga Castle is free of charge for citizens of Latvia and international guests. The Chancery of the President of Latvia does not receive any financial benefit.

  • During the visit, guests can see representative halls and rooms of the Riga Castle: Gift Hall, Festival Hall, Ambassadors Accreditation Hall, White Hall, Coats of Arms Hall, Green Hall, Riga Room, Čakste Study, Festival Salon, Ladies’ Salon, Gentlemen’s Salon;  

  • To learn more about the history of Riga Castle and the institution of the President of Latvia, an audio guide in Latvian, English, German, French, Ukrainian and in easy language has been created and is available, as well as information stands; 

  • Duration of the excursion is one hour; 

  • Visits are not organised on public holidays; 

  • The visit may be canceled due to unforeseen changes in the President's agenda. In this case, we will contact you personally; 

  • Security and document (ID or passport) check is carried out before visiting Riga Castle, so please arrive 15 minutes before your chosen visit time;

  • Please do not bring large bags, food, metal objects, or animals with you;  

  • Visitors are kindly asked to bring changing shoes when visiting Riga Castle; 

  • The Riga Castle tour is free of charge;

  • In case of technical problems, uncertainty, as well as cancellations of individual visits, please contact apmekle@president.lv.

  • Riga Castle is accessible for people in wheelchairs, strollers (please inform us about bringing strollers by contacting apmekle@president.lv), and other visitors with mobility limitations;
  • The building has lifts providing access to all floors.