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Egils Levits discusses mobbing in schools with Ralfs Eilands and Job Shadow Day youths

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Today, President of Latvia Egils Levits met with 2019 European of the year in Latvia, musician and public figure Ralfs Eilands and about 50 applicants of Job Shadow Day in the Riga Castle to discuss various current youth issues.

Youngsters actively engaged in an open discussion about mobbing in schools. Some shared their personal experiences, while others reflected on experiences of their peers. Youngsters mentioned that often they are mobbed by other schoolmates and sometimes also by teachers. Ralfs Eilands underlined that youngsters who are mobbed should not lose their self-confidence and try to address the mobbing. They should let school management and parents know what is happening. Other peers who know about mobbing should also not be ignorant. President Egils Levits underlined that youngsters cannot stand on the side and let somebody else be hurt. Peer solidarity is crucial in preventing disrespectful or violent treatment of other pupils.

President, Ralfs Eilands and youngsters also discussed European identity, what youngsters think about Latvian identity and trends in Latvian and European cultural space. Youngsters raised the issue of Latvian in public communication. They emphasised that all public officials should be conscious of how well their public statements are phrased in Latvian because they are public role models. Egils Levits underlined the importance of Latgalian and Latvian dialects in making our language and means of expression more diverse.

President of Latvia urged all Job Shadow Day youths to be actively involved in local and European processes, be publicly active and find time in their life to help multiply common good and boost national development.

12.02.2020. Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita tikšanās ar “Gada Eiropas cilvēku 2019” Ralfu Eilandu, lai diskutētu par Eiropas vērtībām un kultūrtelpu


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