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President of Latvia: agreement on party financing model and fiscal accountability has been reached

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Today, the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, met with the representatives of political parties forming the government (Cabinet of Ministers) in the Riga Castle to discuss the state budget, public service media and party financing.

“During the meeting, President Levits and political parties represented in the government reached an agreement on the new political party financing model. Budget allocations to parties will now be linked to their results in elections of all levels,” underlined President Levits. "The size of allocation will be determined on the basis of party performance in general, local and European elections. Political parties will, therefore, be constantly motivated to be active, formulate their position on various issues and increase their membership and voter support, which will require them to do well in elections. It will also promote competition between political parties and improve the political processes,” said Egils Levits.

According to the President of Latvia, Cabinet of Ministers will also draft fiscal accountability guidelines to ensure that political parties spend their budget allocations in an accountable and transparent manner.

Valsts prezidents Egils Levits tiekas ar Ministru kabinetu veidojošo politisko partiju pārstāvjiem


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