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President of Latvia and Latvian Pensioners Federation: seniors play a significant role in Latvia

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Today, the President of Latvia Egils Levits met with Latvian Pensioners Federation (LPF) in the Riga Castle. LPF represents 130 organisations and around 28,000 individuals across Latvia. President of Latvia thanked LPF for its activities and praised the members of the federation for their active civil position.

LPF was represented at the meeting by LPF President Aija Barča, LPF Vice-Presidents Viola Lāzo and Dzintra Žilde and LPF Honorary President Andris Siliņš. President and LPF discussed a broad range of issues.

Participants of the meeting highlighted the need to launch a broader public discussion on the meaning of the notion ‘senior citizen’. President Levits and LPF agreed that Latvian seniors play a major social role in Latvia as many continue to work after the retirement and many others are active members of non-governmental organisations. There are also many active seniors who keep family farms in regions running and raise grandchildren while their children work in other countries of the world where they reside permanently.

Egils Levits suggested to launch a public discussion on the notion of work and how it is transformed by modern global mobility, remote working and other flexible forms of employment that are emerging globally. President of Latvia and LPF agreed that all groups of society should focus more on bridging the generation gap to achieve greater social cohesion.

Participants of the meeting underlined the need to continue national efforts in tackling the shadow economy and raising the awareness of young people on importance of paying taxes to ensure decent old-age pension and avoid the trap of low-level social benefits.

LPF also underlined that Latvian seniors have good level of digital literacy compared to other countries. Latvian seniors are more keen to learn new technologies and tap into the flows of electronic services and communication.

Valsts prezidents Egils Levits tiekas ar Latvijas Pensionāru Federācijas vadību


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