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President of Latvia: local governments in Cēsis, Kuldīga and Valka have found responsible and creative ways to protect their residents

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President of Latvia Egils Levits and Mayor of Cēsis Jānis Rozenbergs, Mayor of Kuldīga Inga Bērziņa and Mayor of Valka Vents Armands Krauklis discussed crisis preparedness of regions and central government support to municipalities in a phone conversation.

President of Latvia praised Cēsis, Kuldīga and Valka municipalities for proactive response – various restrictions and diverse support available to residents of these regions in early stages.

Egils Levits thanked mayors for protecting their communities: ‘Cēsis, Kuldīga and Valka municipalities found responsible and creative ways to help their communities. Their emergency response fits the best public administration standards. Excessive bureaucracy and departmentalisation is not part of those standards.’

President of Latia specifically emphasised the importance of efficient cooperation between local and central governments in providing economic stimuli and exchange of information.


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