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President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis accepts the oath of a judge in the Riga Castle

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On 19 June 2019, President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis accepted the oath of judge Madars Plepis before he holds the office during a solemn ceremony in the Riga Castle.

When addressing the new judge, the President of Latvia stressed that justice and the rule of law were the matter of our identity and belonging to Europe. Latvia is a law-governed state, and impartiality is the foundation of our country’s existence. Therefore, the changes that have started in this area must be continued so that the public would appreciate the quality of court work and trust in courts would increase.

“Every judge is essential, who creates an impression about our judicial system through his or her work and attitude. Your work, the attitude towards the parties, and the responsibility for the duties vested in you will contribute to the public trust in court judgments and our state. May your work contribute to trust in justice, the judicial system, and Latvia!” stated the President of Latvia during the solemn ceremony.

Raimonds Vējonis appreciated the conscious and purposeful work experience of the new judge as a judge assistant and in the Court Administration, where a lot of work was done to introduce information technologies in the judicial system. Previous experience will be useful for the more widespread use of modern technologies in day-to-day court work and facilitating the speed and quality of court work.


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