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President of Latvia: there should be a public debate about the proposed national curriculum  

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On 9 September, President of Latvia, Egils Levits, met with the representatives of non-governmental organisation Latvian Teachers’ Board at the Riga Castle to discuss the proposed skills-based learning curriculum School2030.

Meeting focused on current challenges related to approach laid out in School2030. Along with the introduction of skills-based curriculum, Latvian Teachers’ Board called for additional support in transferring international best practice. Attracting of young teachers is also a pressing need.

Latvian Teachers’ Board also suggested to consider the reopening of Education Innovation Fund. The fund would promote innovative and creative approaches in education required to build a modern, stimulating, technologically advanced classroom environment enabling teachers to do innovative projects and improve their professional qualifications by getting skills and competences not available through academic education.

President Levits responded to NGO’s suggestions by reiterating that there should be a public debate on the new national curriculum. Since intended reform will have impact on future generations and thereby the development of Latvia, public involvement in the shaping of the initiative is crucial. President also echoed the need for national policies boosting the competitiveness and prestige of teaching profession to encourage students to choose pedagogy after secondary school.

Valsts prezidents Egils Levits tiekas ar biedrības “Latvijas Pedagogu dome” pārstāvjiem


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