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President of Latvia to personally meet with leading global economic actors

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President of Latvia Egils Levits will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos on 20-24 January. During the forum, Egils Levits will meet with leading global economic actors and discuss key factors contributing to sustainability of the European Union and the world. President of Latvia will also deliver speech at the panel ‘New Threats to Western Democracy’.

President Levits will attend the World Economic Forum and take part in discussions on democracy in digital age, key geopolitical challenges, future of Europe, responsible use of technologies and artificial intelligence in public sector, green economies, facilitating of European Green Deal and other topics.

On the morning of 22 January, President Levits and two other keynote speakers will take part in discussion focused on economic trends in Central and Eastern Europe. Egils Levits will also join leading global economic actors for a number of roundtable sessions on sustainability and future of the European Union. President’s working visit to Davos also includes a number of bilateral meetings.

On 20 January, on his way to Davos, President of Latvia will make a stop at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva. Egils Levits is set to meet with the leadership of CERN and discuss the cooperation between Latvia and the Organisation. Visit of the President of Latvia to CERN underlines the importance of research opportunities provided by CERN for Latvia and contribution of Latvian scientists to CERN’s research efforts. Egils Levits will also address Latvian pupils during a live telecast from CERN.

Latvia joined CERN on 31 October 2016 when the government of Latvia and CERN signed the Technical and Scientific Cooperation Agreement concerning research in high energy particle physics.


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