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The President of Latvia: when arranging the e-health system, one must take into account the protection of patients’ rights and data compatibility strictly

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President of Latvia Egils Levits met with President of the Latvian Association of Doctors (LAD) Ilze Aizsilniece and representatives of the management of the Latvian Association of Doctors in the Riga Castle today.

During the conversation, the President of Latvia inquired about the vision of LAD on the health sector perspective, medical law issues, and the development of a recognition system of practice and diplomas by assisting physicians wishing to return to Latvia after working in different countries of the world.

When discussing the possibilities of arranging an e-health system, they stressed the need for patient data protection and data compatibility, as well as contextual vision for providing technological solutions, was strongly emphasised during the conversation. Egils Levits noted that both data compatibility with other agencies and strict adherence to personal data protection were provided in other data systems of the country, and it would be wise to learn this experience when adjusting the e-health system.

Ms Aizsilniece stated that the Ministry of Health was conducting an audit of e-health errors and started to arrange the system and that LAD appreciated those efforts.

Parties discussed the issues related to the professional independence of doctors and analysis of medical errors, as well as opportunities for improvement in legislation. According to the President of Latvia, medical law was a fast-growing field of law, and Egils Levits called on the LAD to discuss its recommendations in the legislative process with the Ministry of Justice.

Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita tikšanās ar Latvijas Ārstu biedrības vadību


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