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State Heraldry Commission

Based on the notification of 2 September 2015, President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis appointed the current composition of the State Heraldry Commission engaging nine experts of particular fields of culture, arts, heraldry, history, and law.

Mandate of the Commission

The Law on Coat of Arms took effect on 30 December 2005, which stipulated mandate of the State Heraldry Commission under section 10:

The Heraldry Commission is a collegiate institution, established by the President of Latvia, which does not have the status of a legal entity.

The State Heraldry Commission drafts and maintains a directory of informative materials on coats of arms and fundamental principles of developing coats of arms; it ensures public access to these materials, evaluates heraldic and artistic solutions of newly developed coats of arms; it identifies and establishes a system of coats of arms, and carries out research.

This Law lays down the procedure for approval and registration of coats of arms (municipalities, authorities, and families), a system for assessment of the attributes containing the Coat of Arms of Latvia and the use of the attributes comprising the Coat of Arms of Latvia.

The mandate of the Commission in the field of heraldry is stipulated in:

Law on the Coat of Arms of Latvia;

Law on the Coats of Arms of Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme, and Zemgale;

And the Cabinet Regulations No. 311 “Regulations on the heraldic colours and graphic symbols of the Coat of Arms of Latvia and the coats of arms of Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme, and Zemgale”;

Cabinet Regulation No. 51 “Regulations on single visual identity of the authorities subordinate to the Cabinet of Ministers”;

The competence of the Commission about the national flag is provided in:

Law on the National Flag of Latvia;

Cabinet Regulation No. 405 of 27 April 2010 “Regulations on Application of the Law on the National Flag of Latvia”.

The powers of the Commission in the field of state, local awards and awards of public organisations are provided in the Law on State Awards.

Composition of the Commission

The experts in the field of heraldry, arts, and law work in the State Heraldry Commission.

Chair of the State Heraldry Commission

Laimonis Šēnbergs - Graphic Artist.

Members of the State Heraldry Commission

Kristīne Ducmane - Dr. hist., Historian, Head of Numismatics Department at the National History Museum of Latvia,

Imants Lancmanis -, Art Historian, Director of Rundāle Palace Museum,

Edgars Pastars - Mg.iur., Constitutional Lawyer,

Maija Rozenfelde -, Graphic Designer, Lecturer at the Functional Design Department of the Art Academy of Latvia,

Ilona Teplouhova - Mg.hist., Expert of the Document Preventive Conservation Department of the National Archives of Latvia,

Ramona Umblija -, Art Historian,

Armands Vijups - Dr. hist., Historian, Associate Professor of the Department of Archaeology and Auxiliary Disciplines of History of the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the University of Latvia,

Valdis Villerušs -, Graphic Artist, Professor of the Art Academy of Latvia.

The President of Latvia meets with the members of the State Heraldry Commission. Photo: Chancery of the President of Latvia