Egils Levits
Valsts prezidenta dzīvesbiedres Andras Levites Liecība nodibinājuma “Viduslatgales pārnovadu fonds” rīkotajās Latgales Lūgšanu brokastīs

Good morning, dear people of Latgale,

Thank you for inviting me here. I have travelled on Preiļi road many times and was happy to come via the good old road here today.

We have gathered here today, shortly before Christmas, for a Prayer Breakfast – a moment of contemplation when we put all other things aside. We take a break from our everyday duties and reflect. We revisit the often-forgotten idea of humanity. Humanity, peace and trust in God is empowering. It gives unbelievable power. It gives confidence to overcome various obstacles. It gives you assurance that by being a part of something bigger you can do more than just on your own.

Latgale has always been a special place. It has beautiful and unique nature, and rich cultural traditions. On top of it all, it has wonderful people with so much energy and joy of life.

I would like to thank all of you, every Latgalian who nurtures the idea of humanity. During Christmas and on all the other days, too. Your thoughts and everyday actions contribute to thriving Latgale and give the people of Latgale a sense of confidence in the future. Time and time again we see how strong Latgalians are. You are ready to give a helping hand to those who have tumbled and inspire local communities in Aglona, Līvāni, Preiļi, Riebiņi, Vārkava and elsewhere to come together and rise above. You support your youth and give them advice; you help the disadvantaged and people with special needs. And most notably, you offer volunteer opportunities for autistic children.

As you say, ‘Ambience and magic of Preiļi is everywhere here.’ You put a lot of effort in bringing back those who live and work abroad, to bring them home. I wish you to make all your dreams and ambitions for Preiļi and the whole of Latgale come true. I hope the stars will align and your efforts will be blessed with divine grace and lead to tangible results.

God save Latgale and our dear Latvia!

13.12.2019. Andra Levites kundze piedalās nodibinājuma “Viduslatgales pārnovadu fonds