Egils Levits
02.04.2023. Valsts prezidents piedalās Līvu (lībiešu) Savienības “Līvõd īt” 100. jubilejas koncertā. Fonā lībiešu kultūras tradīcijas turpinātāji tautas tērpos.

Dear Livonians,

Dear attendees,

I greet you in Livonian: Tēriņtš! (Hello!)


The Year of Livonian heritage has just begun.

And in many parts of Latvia, the Livonian flag is flying, which, together with the Livonian Union, turns 100 years old this year.

For a public organisation like the Livonian Union, this is a very significant anniversary.


Although the activities of the Union were suspended during the Soviet occupation, the memories of its achievements lived on. And after the restoration of independence, the Union fully resumed its activities. 

The Livonians have always been able to overcome contradictions and unite for common action.

To reassert themselves, to be reborn in a new form and intensity.

Togetherness gives strength, awareness of one's unique value - self-confidence.


The Latvian state has a duty to nurture and support Livonian culture, and it is doing so. Livonians are included in the Constitution, where it is determined that Latvian and Livonian traditions form our common Latvian identity of the Latvian state. 

At one time, the Livonians inhabited one third of the territory of Latvia and have made a very significant contribution to Latvia's identity. And one could say that every Latvian has a microparticle of Livonian.

Livonians are mentioned not only in the Constitution, but also in the laws that enshrine the Latvian state's obligation to support the Livonian language and culture. 


However, Livonians themselves also have a special duty to take care of their cultural heritage - to preserve and develop it. Both individually - for themselves and in their families - and together as a people.

The Livonian Union is the platform that helps every Livonian to maintain their culture and pass it on to future generations.


The goal is the same and unchanging: for Livonians as a people to continue to exist not only today, but for many generations to come. 


I wish you to hold the ​Livonian flag high! I wish the Livonian Union fruitful and successful work for the benefit of all Livonians and the entire Latvia!  

Thank you!

02.04.2023. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits piedalās Līvu (lībiešu) Savienības “Līvõd īt”” 100. jubilejas koncertā