Egils Levits
Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita uzruna Jūrmalas Mūzikas vidusskolas 60. gadskārtas atklāšanā

Good afternoon dear teachers, pupils, local officials and everyone who has come here today to enjoy the concert!

I am deeply delighted to join you on this beautiful September day when you return to your school! Today Jūrmala Secondary Music School celebrates its 60th birthday. It will mark this jubilee under a very clever and extremely accurate motto: Galvanized by music. It is a motto virtually every music lover, and I even dare say, every Latvian would readily subscribe to.

Jūrmala art school, library and secondary music school, which constitute the Culture Quarter of the city inaugurated for the centenary of Latvian State, are really inspiring as I saw myself today. It is a project that bears special significance not only for inhabitants of Jūrmala but also every other Latvian resident. It creates an environment that has special allure for all music and art enthusiasts, culture professionals and those who know the value of culture, in other words, again, all Latvians.

There is just no other way when art, music and books are literally next door, stored in modern buildings and nested in harmonious environment.

One’s journey towards musical excellence begins at a very young age. Latvians are generally a very musical nation, and rather notable musical achievements of our nation at the global level can largely be attributed to adequate education. Some of these achievements are a result of methodical work of Jūrmala Secondary Music School teachers, both current and former. They have always cared about the development and high standards of performance among their students. I suppose this is also an appropriate moment to thank the first headmaster of the school who is also with us here today. And, of course, a big, big thank you to current headmaster of the school for showing so much dedication and impeccable results. Thank you to all the teachers. Happy to see so many of you here today! It is wonderful to meet so many people whose passion for music compels them to share their talent with next generations. And, of course, thank you dear students!

I would now like to invite Headmaster Gunta Liepiņa to the stage now for the presentation of Presidential plaquette, a small token of appreciation from me for keeping the school running for six decades now.

Viva la musica!

Once again congratulations to all the teachers and students on this wonderful milestone! I hope this academic year will be full of interesting events and many exciting initiatives.

God bless Latvia!

01.09.2020. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits Zinību dienā viesojas Jūrmalas Mūzikas vidusskolā un Jūrmalas Centrālajā bibliotēkā