Egils Levits
Egils Levits

Dear members of the Chapter of Orders,

Dear recipients of highest state awards,

Dear viewers of Latvian Television,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Latvia can only be democratic, legal and national country if it is free and independent.

This is the Latvia we fought for 33 years ago.

Many of you in this room were participants in the events of that time. And all of you have served Latvia with your work, your ideas and ideals.

We are building a democratic, legal, national Latvia together. The work of the people of Latvia, carried out in good faith and selflessly, has been the basis of its development.

We can be proud of what we have accomplished.

But with a critical, rational mind and patience, we must continue to work for our Latvia, for the future of our children.

So that everyone can realize the opportunities given by freedom for the benefit of their loved ones and fellow human beings!

Today, on behalf of the State of Latvia, we honour and award people whose honest work, civic spirit, selflessness, courage and patriotism strengthen our country.

Each of Latvia's state awards is rooted in the history of our people and our country.

The Order of the Three Stars, with the motto ‘Through the thorns to the stars’, was established to honour the founding of our country and its further growth and development.

The Order of Viesturs with the motto ‘Be strong and fight’ is a reminder of the ancient Semigallian warlord Viesturs, who defended his people against foreign invaders.

The Cross of Recognition with the motto ‘For the people of honour’ has the oldest roots, as it was established in the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia, the first modern state on the territory of Latvia.

In the letters addressed to the Chapter of the Order, people have asked that the State award be given to you, honourable recipients.

The decision of the Chapter of the Orders must therefore be regarded as the will of the people.

The highest recognition of the State will be awarded to outstanding personalities in various fields from all over Latvia, whose work for the State is of particular importance.

Today with the State highest recognition we honour people who courageously, actively and selflessly help Ukraine, its soldiers, citizens and refugees here in Latvia.

These are the people who act and unite us in support of Ukraine's freedom struggle.

We will honour outstanding cultural workers, scientists and teachers, employees of the justice system, researchers of Latvian history, preservers of cultural and historical heritage and strengtheners of Latvian identity, keepers of the memory of the defenders of Latvian independence.

State recognition will also be awarded to soldiers of the National Armed Forces, border guards, police officers and employees of security institutions.

We will honour outstanding medical professionals who care not only for the health of Latvian people, but also for the health of victims of the war in Ukraine.

On behalf of the country, we will thank diplomats, businessmen, farmers and municipal workers.

We will honour public figures who make the Latvian nation strong in Latvia and abroad, who shape our civil society.

We will reward Latvian entrepreneurs who both actively support Ukraine themselves and attract other companies to this support.

Outstanding cooperation Latvian partners from America, Canada, Spain, Poland and Lithuania who have strengthened our national security will also receive state awards. 

Distinguished recipients of state awards,

Your names and outstanding contribution are an important part of the recent history of the Latvian state.

Your work has strengthened an independent, democratic, legal, national Latvia.

As the President of Latvia and on behalf of the Chapter of Orders, I honour your achievements for Latvia and its people.

May the high recognition of your work give you satisfaction and inspire fellow human beings!

I wish you a beautiful and joyful celebration of the restoration of free Latvia!