Egils Levits
Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita uzruna Zinību dienā Vaivaru pamatskolā

Good afternoon dear children, dear teachers, parents, ladies and gentlemen,

It is such a pleasure to join you here today at Vaivari Primary School for the first day of school celebration. I am specifically delighted, of course, to see the first-year pupils. This is a special day for you, and I hope that you are not too frightened right now. I hope you will enjoy today’s events and the rest of your academic year.

This school offers education to every child regardless of his or her abilities and needs. We are all born different, with different set of skills and talents, and it is good that school can accommodate the learning needs of all children.

Inclusive education is the product of people’s empathy. Result of our understanding of how we want to treat each member of the society, dignity towards each other. It is what our constitution instructs us to do. So, what you are doing here every day is closely linked to core values of our constitution.

Children who learn about diversity early on in their life, during school years, are much more compassionate and helping. And hence our society becomes altogether more sympathetic. And your role, dear teachers and madam headmaster, in finding the best way to accommodate diverse needs on daily basis and let every child reach their true potential, hone their skills and talents, cannot be overestimated.

Big, big thank you for all the work that you have done, everything that you do with such grace and diligence. 25 years, or quarter of a century, is quite a significant experience, something that all schools could benefit from because they too must offer the same education model.

And there is also another important issue that I wanted to raise. In addition to parents, teachers are probably the other most important people in child’s life, which comes with great responsibility for you. But I am amazed at the level of sincerely and professionalism with which you are approaching this duty. Thank you!

I wish everyone plenty of energy, endless joy and many wonderful days like this for the rest of the academic year. Have a happy, wonderful and pleasant school year.

01.09.2020. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits Zinību dienā viesojas Jūrmalas pilsētas Vaivaru pamatskolā