Egils Levits
Andra Levite un Egils Levits atbalsta koncertā ukraiņu ģimenēm ar bērniem "Palīdzi celties!"

Dear friends, Ukrainians, Latvians and all the good people,

Today marks a little over a month since Ukrainian people and Ukrainian army were pulled into this brave war for their statehood, their nation, homes and families. These Ukrainians are not fighting only for themselves. They fight for Latvia. For Europe. They fight for all the free world. The community of democratic countries.

Russian invasion of Ukraine is an international crime. International Criminal Court in Hague has already launched an investigation into Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine. We here in Latvia support the establishment of a special tribunal tasked with determining the circumstances that lead to aggression and adjudication of the case. The idea of such tribunal is currently being discussed, but composing it will, of course, take some time.

One thing is clear: Russia will have to answer for its crimes sooner than later. Everyone will be held accountable, from those who gave these evil orders to those who obeyed them.

We here in Latvia, Latvian people, stand with Ukraine. We have offered Ukraine all kinds of help, including political, military and humanitarian aid. We are advocating for Ukraine in all global formats. We have been Ukraine’s voice in Europe and around the world.

The society of Latvia stands with Ukraine. We have given everything we can.  We have sent various shipments and equipment – everything we have and that can help Ukrainian people.

Ukraine has united people here in Latvia. Ukraine has united all the good people in Latvia, Europe, Russia and the whole wide world because all good people stand with Ukraine. There is no middle ground. There simply is no other way. Everyone with sense of self-dignity supports Ukraine.

Ukraine will be victorious! Glory to Ukraine!

26.03.2022. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits un Andra Levites kundze apmeklē atbalsta koncertu ukraiņu bēgļu ģimenēm ar bērniem