Egils Levits
Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita uzruna Starptautiskajā brīvprātīgo dienā

Greetings everyone!

Volunteers are the ones who fully side with and represent the social responsibility described in our constitution, Satversme. This is a trait that has become absolutely essential today as Latvia and other countries of the world are struggling with COVID-19 and its consequences. National or local services are not capable of responding to all emergencies immediately and their help may arrive later. This is where volunteers come in – responsible, self-organising members of our society who are ready to help others around them.

This spring volunteers helped deliver food right to the doors of older people. And this is what I would urge everyone to think about: What can I do to help my neighbour in need? Maybe you have a special needs person, single mum with children, low income neighbour living next door from you, someone who could use your help to get by.

We must also watch out for ourselves as we help others. Restrictions are there to protect us and those whom we help against unnecessary risks.

All kinds of volunteer work in different fields has been around for as long as mankind. From participation in culture and entertainment activities to taking care of patients in hospitals. From giving a little bit of your time and energy to less privileged people around you to cleaning your surroundings. Volunteer work is so diverse. But there is still one common feature: emotional comfort and knowing that you have helped somebody or the world. By volunteering to help society and people around us we become better and make our country a better place to live!

Congratulations on the International Volunteer Day! Keep safe and keep up the good job! We will definitely need both. Thank you for everything you do!