Egils Levits Latvia's scouts and guides
Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita uzruna Latvijas Skautu un gaidu centrālās organizācijas 30 gadu jubilejas pasākumā

Congratulations to Latvian Scout and Guide Central Organisation (LSGCO) on 30 years of bringing the scout and guide traditions back to Latvia!

We all want Latvia to be democratic, sustainable and free. A country bound by shared values. There are different values all of us support and in case of scouts and guides they include key values like taking care of others and yourself, as well, being honest towards yourself, people around you and your state.

Scout and guide oath says: ‘to help other people at all times’. That is the duty of scouts and guide. You are expected to be selfless and do a good deed every day, which may require to sacrifice some of your comfort and fun. Doing good will always remain paramount.

These simple, clear principles, which scouts and guides follow every day, are also instrumental to our state and society. Democracy can exist only if there is trust of the people. So, if all of us follow these values, we will be able to make our country better, more productive and nicer to live in for everybody.

Through leading by example and hard work, scouts and guides make a significant contribution to stronger values in Latvia and our society.

Youth workers are the agents of social change. Through voluntary work they teach young people how to work, think, solve tasks together and share the responsibility. Our nation has had to show its commitment to national independence several times in its history. In 1990 when we restored our independence and in 1918 when we proclaimed our republic. And we keep showing the same kind of commitment in our everyday work. That is why scouts and guides are so important for our values and play a significant role in our country and society.

Dear scouts and guides,

As the Honorary President of the Latvian Scout and Guide Central Organisation, I want to underline the importance of voluntary work that the leaders of LSGCO are doing for their youth in strengthening our democracy, nation state, Europe and the world, because our scout and guide organisation is part of the global organisation.

I am absolutely convinced that if every resident of Latvia would spend two hours doing voluntary work, Latvia would become more sustainable and dedicated to its national independence.

Together you and all the people of Latvia, all of us, will make Latvia better!

Valsts prezidents kļuvis par Latvijas skautu un gaidu goda prezidentu