Egils Levits
Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita uzruna Sauszemes spēku Mehanizētās kājnieku brigādes 3. kājnieku bataljona karoga svinīgajā iesvētīšanas un pasniegšanas ceremonijā

Honourable Minister, Commander,

Dear troops,

Today is a big day for both the third battalion and the whole Land Force Mechanised Infantry Brigade.

Mechanised Infantry Brigade is the most powerful and best equipped unit of the Latvian army and the cornerstone of national security. Today marks the completion of yet another upgrade of the brigade with the addition of crucial Battalion 3.

Dear troops of the Battalion 3,

You have three swords in the blazon. They carry a symbolic meaning. Three swords represent the number of your unit and constituent elements of the battalion: professional soldiers, National Guard and reserve troops.

Infantry Battalion 3 is not a part of the National Guard. National Guard troops are integrated into this battalion making it a rather unique military formation. This battalion is the best career step for those National Guard soldiers who want to become a part of professional army.

It also puts additional pressure on the National Guard to train its troops to perform at the same level as professional troops of Mechanised Infantry Brigade. Your battalion is a kind of a bridge between National Guard and regular army, which is made up of professional soldiers.

Own flag is the last element that completes a military unit. Flags have always been essential for Latvian soldiers. The flag that will be presented to you in a short while is the binding element that will consolidate your unit. Flags have always been the main source of pride of any military unit. Unit flag must be protected by all means. This flag must become the symbol of Infantry Battalion 3! May this flag become the manifestation of your fighting spirit and patriotism of all Latvian soldiers.

God bless Latvia!