Egils Levits
Egils Levits

Good evening, everyone,

18 November is the birthday of the Latvian State.

A state is the sum of the actions of many. System of values created by our society determines our attitude and actions. Both the big and small deeds.

Latvia does not lack conscientious and giving people who will always support those around them.

People who care for others and aspire to higher ideals, the backbone of our society, nation and state through times.

We have gathered here tonight to celebrate exceptional individuals whose efforts have made Latvia better. Celebrate their  kindness and empathy. Love and strength that they share with others.

These outstanding men and women, who come from us, give emotional boost and inspiration to the whole society. Something we all need when faced with challenges and uncertainty we have right now.

Dear recipients of the ‘Pride of Latvia 2021’ award,

Your personal and also your civic contribution has touched the whole country. The state is its people. People who shape the state. Latvia is what we want it to be.

Congratulations on the Proclamation Day!

Let us take pride in Latvia. Take pride in recipients of the ‘Pride of Latvia’ award.