Egils Levits
Ilustratīvs foto: uz galda novietota pildspalva, tiesneša zvēresta teksts vākos un tiesneša amata zīme

On June 2, the judge of the district (city) court, Jānis Silickis, administered the oath of office to President Egils Levits in the Riga Castle.

"Judge is the only profession that is regulated by the Constitution. It states that a judge is independent and subject only to the law. This is logical and natural in a democratic and legal state, as judges are entrusted with part of the state power," said President Egils Levits at the swearing-in ceremony.

"Your biography is special in that you have worked in all law enforcement institutions: the police, the prosecutor's office and now the court. The interplay of these three institutions creates the rule of law and justice in the country," emphasised the President of Latvia, addressing Judge Silickis. "The position of a judge imposes an obligation to behave so that people can always be sure that the judge will deal with the entrusted part of the state power in a fair and just manner. I believe that you will fulfil this task with honour!" said E. Levits.

02.06.2023. Valsts prezidentam Egilam Levitam tiesneša zvērestu dod rajona (pilsētas) tiesas tiesnesis Jānis Silickis