Edgars Rinkēvičs
Tompinambūri saules gaismā

Dear teachers, teaching staff and shapers of our future!

Teaching is a vocation and a way of life. A truly talented teacher is often the first source of inspiration, example and hero that every first-grader wants to emulate. For many secondary, high and vocational school students, an outstanding teacher is the key to opening the door to their future dreams. Therefore, don't just let young people dream, encourage them to dream even if their goals seem unrealistic or, on the contrary, insignificant!

I believe that every teacher is also characterised by responsibility. Responsibility for their profession, responsibility for every lesson in the classroom and responsibility for a content-quality learning process. It is also a responsibility towards our colleagues and our future - the young people of Latvia.

Today, I would like to say thank you to every teacher, school support staff and everyone working in the Latvian education sector. Thank you for your daily work, care and dedication to our young people! Thank you for your mission in life - to be a source of inspiration for all of us - in the classroom and in the school of life!

Have an inspiring and joyful Teachers' Day!