Egils Levits
Valsts prezidenta dzīvesbiedres Andras Levites uzruna Latvijas sabiedrībai Pasaules veselības dienā

Good afternoon, everyone,

My speech will be short, and anyone will have no trouble following the advice that I am about to give.

We are in the same boat right now, and someone needs to row that boat. That is why we must first take care of our healthcare workers. Be honest and completely open with them. Do not even think of lying!

If they get infected, and we are short of hands, then believe me, someone who has worked in hospitals for 30 years, we will have problems with connecting patients to ventilators to supply the vital oxygen in case of severe Covid-19 infection. You need a trained healthcare professional for that.

Secondly, we need to rely on trusted news sources and follow the recommendations of virologists!

World Health Organisation uses and disseminates the research findings of respectable institutes as L’Institut Pasteur in Paris, Das Robert Koch-Institut in Berlin and FDA in Maryland. These centres have been studying various infectious diseases from every corner of the world every day for countless years. Our health authorities also follow these findings. 

Rational thinking in modern society means we all feel uncomfortable when we must let others decide for us. But let me say this. When we board the plane, we rely on pilots; when we need a surgery, we rely on surgeons, anaesthetists and surgical nurses. So, let us rely on experts handling the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Thirdly, never in the human history or person’s life have health emergencies lasted forever.  Robert Koch found vaccine for tuberculosis; Edward Jenner used his vaccine to cure smallpox. Modern scientists around the world are also working right now, around the clock, to find cure and vaccine for COVID-19. To succeed, they need our resources.

And, finally. We, the ordinary people, do not need to do much. Wash our hands. Keep distance. Stay home.

I want to thank all virus responders, and everyone who acts responsibly and diligently.

I wish you a Happy Easter full of joy despite the strange times.